Sven Gundlaсh
Born in: 
1959, Moscow, Russia
UntitledProduced: 1982Year of collection: 1982Author: Sven GundlaсhCollector: Andrey Monastirskiy (Sumnin)
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Rotten BuratinoProduced: 1996Year of collection: 1996Author: Sven GundlaсhCollector: Mihail Kosolapov
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Graphics about paintingProduced: 1986Year of collection: 1986Author: Sven GundlaсhCollector: Yuri Albert
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UntitledProduced: 1977Year of collection: 1977Author: Sven GundlaсhCollector: Konstantin Zvezdochetov
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UntitledProduced: unknownYear of collection: unknownAuthor: Sven GundlaсhCollector: Georgiy Litichevskiy
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Nothing newProduced: 1985Year of collection: 1985Author: Sven GundlaсhCollector: Andrey Monastirskiy (Sumnin)
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