Alexandra Paperno
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Long-liverProduced: 1997Year of collection: 2002Author: Evgeny UfitCollector: Alexandra Paperno
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BouquetProduced: 2004Year of collection: 2009Author: Elizaveta PlavinskayaCollector: Alexandra Paperno
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Transparent GroveProduced: 1993Year of collection: 2004Author: Evgeny UfitCollector: Alexandra Paperno
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GirlProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2009Author: Konstantin ZvezdochetovCollector: Alexandra Paperno
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UntitledProduced: 1992Year of collection: 2002Author: Vladimir YakovlevCollector: Alexandra Paperno
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Sex shopProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2009Author: Konstantin ZvezdochetovCollector: Alexandra Paperno
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UntitledProduced: unknownYear of collection: 2003Author: Vladimir YakovlevCollector: Alexandra Paperno
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Piano. Étude!Produced: 2010Year of collection: 2010Author: Elizaveta PlavinskayaCollector: Alexandra Paperno
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Spit of MaturityProduced: 1992Year of collection: 2004Author: Evgeny UfitCollector: Alexandra Paperno
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PontProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2009Author: Konstantin ZvezdochetovCollector: Alexandra Paperno
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Chair #2 (1/1)Produced: 2004Year of collection: 2007Author: Alexey DushkinCollector: Alexandra Paperno
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