Mihail Kosolapov
Born in: 
Rotten BuratinoProduced: 1996Year of collection: 1996Author: Sven GundlaсhCollector: Mihail Kosolapov
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LogoProduced: 2007Year of collection: 2007Author: Piotr FilippovCollector: Mihail Kosolapov
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LogoProduced: 2006Year of collection: 2006Author: Piotr FilippovCollector: Mihail Kosolapov
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The space is oursProduced: 2008Year of collection: 2009Author: Maxim IluhinCollector: Mihail Kosolapov
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MoscowProduced: 1996Year of collection: 1996Author: Group AES+FCollector: Mihail Kosolapov
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UntitledProduced: 2004Year of collection: 2004Author: Lada ShapovalovaCollector: Mihail Kosolapov
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This is assProduced: 2000Year of collection: 2000Author: Oxana DubrovskayaCollector: Mihail Kosolapov
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