Sasha Auerbah
Born in: 
1985, Moscow, Russia
UntitledProduced: unknownYear of collection: 2007Author: Natalya Zborovskaya-SigaviCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2010Author: Dmitry BulnyginCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: unknownYear of collection: unknownAuthor: Alexey KallimaCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Ah, strange country, faraway land…Produced: 2010Year of collection: 2010Author: Roman AssCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2009Author: Julia ZhdanovaCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves)Produced: 1997Year of collection: 2012Author: Menashe KadishmanCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Le pliProduced: 2008Year of collection: 2009Author: Ivan Brazhkin, Anastasia PotemkinaCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: unknownYear of collection: 2012Author: Group Factory of Found ClothesCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Go away!Produced: 2006Year of collection: 2006Author: Valery ChtakCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Warhol paintingProduced: unknownYear of collection: 2009Author: Andrey GolovinCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Children shirtProduced: 2010Year of collection: 2010Author: Anna KhodorovskayaCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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The Eyes of Gutete EmeritaProduced: 1996Year of collection: 2012Author: Alfredo JaarCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: unknownYear of collection: 2009Author: Petr Zhoukov, Ekaterina GavrilovaCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Portrait of Sasha AuerbahProduced: 2003Year of collection: 2003Author: David GillandersCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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The New York timesProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2011Author: Group Yes MenCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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I incur hatredProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2009Author: Vikenty NilinCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2009Author: Valery ChtakCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: unknownYear of collection: 2010Author: Daniil ZinchenkoCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Made in KuibyshevProduced: 2004Year of collection: 2004Author: Vladimir LogutovCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: unknownYear of collection: 2008Author: Timiphey ParshikovCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2009Author: Alexandra GalkinaCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Set of postcards with views of KirovProduced: 2008Year of collection: 2009Author: Anton KurishevCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: unknownYear of collection: 2009Author: Vitaly MolkoCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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This book is boringProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2009Author: Valery ChtakCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2009Author: Valentin FetisovCollector: Sasha Auerbah
Thumb 0af98b86 f94e 43db 923a 6a4c4d09cb10
Doze of angerProduced: 2008Year of collection: 2009Author: Anastasia RyabovaCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: unknownYear of collection: 2009Author: German VinogradovCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: 2002Year of collection: 2002Author: Collector: Sasha Auerbah
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UntitledProduced: unknownYear of collection: 2012Author: Group Factory of Found ClothesCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Portrait of Sasha AuerbahProduced: 2007Year of collection: 2007Author: Artem GalkinCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Kremlin DoppelgangerProduced: 2011Year of collection: 2011Author: Anna ErmolaevaCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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Europe might be dangerousProduced: 2009Year of collection: 2009Author: Valery ChtakCollector: Sasha Auerbah
Thumb 867fb580 3985 4b80 84ed 7666e89288bf
Self-portraitProduced: unknownYear of collection: 2008Author: Valentin FetisovCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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FreeProduced: 2010Year of collection: 2010Author: Ivan ChuykovCollector: Sasha Auerbah
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