Fucking PoppiesProduced At 2010Added To Collection At 2010Author Natalya DuritskayaCollector Alexandr Kislyakov
Fucking Poppies
UntitledProduced At unknownAdded To Collection At 2009Author Vitaly MolkoCollector Sasha Auerbah
CardsProduced At 1993Added To Collection At 1993Author Avdey Ter-OganyanCollector Igor Moukhin
This book is boringProduced At 2009Added To Collection At 2009Author Valery ChtakCollector Sasha Auerbah
This book is boring
FreeProduced At 2010Added To Collection At 2010Author Ivan ChuykovCollector Sasha Auerbah
The Eyes of Gutete EmeritaProduced At 1996Added To Collection At 2012Author Alfredo JaarCollector Sasha Auerbah
The Eyes of Gutete Emerita
Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves)Produced At 1997Added To Collection At 2012Author Menashe KadishmanCollector Sasha Auerbah
Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves)
Love yourself Kill yourselfProduced At 2010Added To Collection At 2010Author Maria DoroninaCollector Sergey Ogurtsov
Love yourself Kill yourself
Europe might be dangerousProduced At 2009Added To Collection At 2009Author Valery ChtakCollector Sasha Auerbah
Europe might be dangerous
UntitledProduced At 2009Added To Collection At 2009Author Nikita AlekseevCollector Petr Zhoukov